• Donation Based Classes

    For Grand Opening August - December

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  • Grand Opening

    Children, Seniors, Military Suggested Donation $5

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  • No Contract

    Other Adults Suggested Donation $10, but feel free to pay what you are moved to.

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  • No Credit Card Required

    No credit card, no problem. We accept cash payments.

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  • Just Show Up

    With an 'aloha' and an open heart!

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Yoga is for Everyone

Traditionally yoga was done by the entire family, young and old. Kids did yoga for developing balance and agility, teens to cope with their bodily hormonal changes; adults to cure diseases and for preventative action, the elderly for relaxation and a spiritual search through meditation.

Here at Yoga For All we offer all such classes. Being a Donation based studio, also makes it affordable for everyone! Just show up with a mat, a determined mind and whatever your heart and pocket can afford.

Yogi Charu and his fellow Yogis and Yoginis teachers are eager to share their gifts with you in Gratitude.

Yoga For All is an oasis for the mind body and soul of everyone.

Who Should Come?

First Time Yogis

Safe environment. Experienced and classically trained teacher.

45-105 Year Olds

You're never too old to start enjoying the benefits of yoga.

Advanced Yogis

A session with Yogi Charu is guaranteed to add something new to your practice.

5- 45 Year Olds

Safe environment. Experienced and classically trained teacher.

Class Types

  • Kirtan

    Once a month we host a Full Moon Kirtan. Vedic Mantras are chanting to the...

  • Meditation

    Experience the beauty of deep relaxation of the body and mind in weekly 1 hour...

  • Yoga Teacher Training

    At Yoga for All Hawaii, we offer Trainings rich with their roots in Classical Hatha...

  • Asana Practice

    These sessions cater to all experience leveled from first time yogis to advanced practitioners. There...

  • Master Classes

    On the first Saturday of every month, we host a master class. It is a...

Class Schedules

What You'll Need

Yoga Mat

You are free to bring your own but these are also provided on site.

Water Bottle

Being kind to our bodies is what yoga is all about. It is important to stay hydrated.


A Smile

Yoga is joyfully done. Yoga is uniquely an exercise for your body, mind and spirit.


Yoga is incredibly relaxing but it also makes you sweat. A small hand towel will be useful.


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